Terms & Conditions


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All passes have a 60 day expiry, apart from the Sixty Minute Class Passes (90 days), the Introductory Course (12 months), and the Try Pass (14 days).

Any expired classes can be redeemed if subsequently a 5 (or higher) class pass is purchased within two months of the expiry of the old pass.

The expiry period of all passes commences from the start of your first class.

Suspension of expiry periods can be given, however this must be requested in writing beforehand, and only in cases of serious illness or injury, or because of work related matters. Pass suspensions cannot be applied retrospectively.

The Try Pass is strictly a one off and first attendance offer only for students new to Iyengar yoga.

The New Student Offer is for new students to the school, can be used at any class, and is a first purchase offer only.

All passes are non-refundable and classes within a pass non-transferrable.


Minimum Term: There is no minimum term!

First payment will be deducted on the first Monday after sign up.

Making Up Missed Classes: As payment is deducted on the Monday of each fortnight you will be assigned, depending on which option you choose, your passes for that upcoming fortnight each Monday fortnight. If you choose Bronze membership two class passes will be assigned, Silver four class passes will be assigned, etc. If you miss a class (or classes) you will have the opportunity to 'make up' that missed class (or classes) up to two months after that pass is assigned. For example, if you are a Bronze member and have a pass that is assigned on Monday 1st August 2016 but miss your regular Tuesday night class on Tuesday 2nd August (or Tuesday 9th August) you will have up until Friday 30th September to 'make up' that missed class at any class on the timetable. 'Make up' classes are not able to be given for Platinum members.

Suspending Your Membership: You may suspend your membership if you are going on holiday, travelling for business, or unable to attend due to serious illness or injury if prior notice is given.

Extra classes: You can attend extra classes on top of the membership option chosen at the same per class rate of the membership option chosen. If you have chosen the Bronze membership option a second class may be attended during that week at $18. If you have chosen the Silver membership option a third class may be attended at $16.50, etc.

Ending Your Membership: You can end your membership at any time, however a 5 class pass or higher must be purchased in order to use any unused classes from your membership arrangement.

A cash membership arrangement can be organised if you are a regular long standing student of the school.